Steps to Sustainability

Oct 9, 2020 | Interview, Lifestyle, Sarah Schoeller, Sustainability

At TVM, we've reached our goal of being a #plasticfree event, and we're working towards being a #wastefree event. Our world needs us now, more than ever, to adopt sustainable measures into our business model and lifestyles. We chat to TVM co-founder Sarah Schoeller to find out more about what TVM are doing to be more sustainable in the workplace and at home.

Why is it important for TVM to be conscious of their environmental impact? 

TVM hopes to be a leader in our field for not only delivering amazing events, but also ensuring our impact on the environment is a minimal as possible.

What is TVM doing to be more sustainable?

TVM has been a plastic free event for over five years and has recently set the goal of being waste free. To achieve this, all our food vendors must supply compostable servingware and we don’t permit plastic bottles for sale at TVM.  We’re hand sorting all waste on site and then composting and recycling what we can, leaving only a small amount of landfill at the end of each event. 

We encourage customers to shop small and locally, and use reusable market essentials such as totes, Huskee cups and stainless water bottles.

We started doing Preloved Rack Sales in 2009 and the concept has grown to become a much-loved part of the event, with over 40 stylish individuals selling their personal wardrobes at each market.

What are your best tips for encompassing a more sustainable lifestyle? 

Use less, recycle more, and be conscious consumer. At home we compost, give food waste to our chooks, have a grey water system, recycle all plastics via Redcycle and are passionate about using less.

What are your go-to sustainable brands? 

There’s so many amazing brands at TVM.. Thrown for beautiful handmade pottery travel mugs, Keep it creative for lunchboxes, Prickle Free for reusable razors and beauty products, Minimalist the Label and Sabbia for resuable makeup removal pads.

Find out more about TVM's Sustainability journey here.