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Locals We Love :: Amy Mills

Community is at the heart of everything we do at TVM. This year, we celebrated 11 years of The Village Markets and also our home, the Gold Coast’s, 60th Birthday!…

Community is at the heart of everything we do at TVM. This year, we celebrated 11 years of The Village Markets and also our home, the Gold Coast's, 60th Birthday!

Here, our intern Gemma Lyndon chats to one of our favourite locals and long-time supporter of TVM, Amy Mills.

Amy is the Travel Editor of WHO magazine and the mother of two handsome little men, Sunny (8) and Ziggy (5). Now based in the thriving hub of Miami, Amy chats about the evolution of the Gold Coast and why it's the perfect destination for work and play.

Amy, Ziggy and Sunny at The Village Markets

What does the Gold Coast mean to you?

It’s where my home and heart are! I grew up at Currumbin Beach and then lived in London and Sydney for close to a decade. I came back to raise my two sons, Sunny and Ziggy, here and haven’t looked back since. The GC has really evolved into a vibrant city while retaining that famous, laidback coastal charm. 

Tell us about your job as Travel Editor for WHO magazine and how do you make it work whilst living on the Gold Coast?

I am the Travel Editor of a national magazine and digital brand WHO, part of the Pacific Magazines stable based in Sydney, but I am lucky enough to work from the Gold Coast.

I have a permanent desk at the GC’s best co-working space called Hotel Miami, co-founded by three absolutely wonderful human beings. It is such an inspiring place to work and a lot of my co-workers have really interesting and creative businesses, which is really reflective of the Gold Coast’s cultural shift.

 How has the Gold Coast helped shape who you are?

My childhood on the Gold Coast was really slow and carefree. I loved that we finished school and went to the beach and could smell the salt air and hear the ocean from our balcony. It was such a beautiful childhood and taught me to appreciate the little moments and the beauty of mother nature.

We didn’t grow up with the frenetic pace and stresses of the city so I think most Gold Coasters are fairly grounded, particularly us Southern Gold Coasters.

 How do you see the Gold Coast as a platform for business owners? 

You only have to look at what Marissa and Sarah and The Village Markets have done for so many small businesses! They have been a launchpad for some global brands like Kivari, Peony and Cleopatra’s Bling and that is so exciting. There is so much creative talent here on the Gold Coast and once, those people would eventually head to the larger cities to seek opportunities whereas now, there is so much opportunity here not just in fashion and design but every industry.

 How have you seen the Gold Coast evolve?

In so many ways! There’s been a real metamorphosis not only culturally - thanks to the girls at The Village Markets and also HOTA and Miami Marketta - but in the retail, design, hospitality spaces, also! The Gold Coast is finally being taken seriously as a business destination and that’s exciting. 

The food scene here has also exploded. I remember when restaurants would offer only ‘modern Australian’ and now we have some quality eateries and bars that would rival anything in Sydney or Melbourne.

I also do some content creation for a local architectural concrete brand called Concrete Nation and their handmade bespoke pieces are being coveted by clients and leading architects and interior designers all over the world.

It is an inspiring time to live and work on the Gold Coast!

Favourite thing to do on the Gold Coast?

Shop at The Village Markets, drink the Gold Coast’s best brew at Hide n Seek Espresso, spend a lazy day at one of the many beautiful beaches, take my boys to the farmer’s markets on a Saturday morning to fill up our baskets with fresh, local produce, chase waterfalls at Currumbin Valley, hang out with the kids and my family in my sister’s beachside street or my parent’s house, swim at Echo Beach, watch the sunrise from Burleigh Headland, enjoy a long lunch at Rick Shores or Hellenika, grab a margarita at Rosellas, banter with my workmates at Hotel Miami -  so many!!

 What do you expect for the Gold Coast in the next 60 years?

A lot of change but hopefully as it grows, we can retain that laidback way of life

Thanks so much for sharing Amy! Much Love x

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How to… Create the Perfect Market Stall

Ready to commercialise your craft? The Village Markets co-founders will show you how! Few people can say that losing their jobs was the best thing that ever happened to them….

Ready to commercialise your craft? The Village Markets co-founders will show you how!

Few people can say that losing their jobs was the best thing that ever happened to them. Yet such was the case for Queensland Gold Coast marketing executives Marissa Bowden and Sarah Schoeller.

The colleagues were working in a busy marketing department for a large listed company when they suddenly found themselves unemployed at the start of the financial crisis seven years ago.

“However, we both now say it’s the best thing that ever happened because we potentially wouldn’t have had that push to go ‘Okay, that door is closed, what’s next?'” Marissa remembers.

What would come next is the hugely successful The Village Markets on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

The pair share their expert tips on how to create create the perfect stall…


Make your stall shine. Turning up with a plain marquee, a table and a couple of racks probably won’t do that for you! Be creative, think of an interesting concept or layout that will make your products stand out from the crowd.


If you’re enjoying your day, this will come across to your customers, who are more likely to feel welcome if you have a smile on your face. We want people to leave feeling happy and satisfied about their morning, and hopefully wanting to come back time and again!


Have EFTPOS, which is made easier with a number of phone apps and tools now available. It’s known that stalls with EFTPOS facilities can turn over more than those without due to convenience.


Make sure you have a great online presence through all social media channels as great photos and content go a long way. We advise stallholders to utilise any additional opportunities that may present themselves.


Get to know your customers, sign them up to a mailing list so you can keep in touch and let them know of any sales, new stock and exciting new collections.

Read their full story in Issue 13 of The Collective. 

Republished from The Collective. Written by Amy Mills.

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