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Stall Profile :: VSolochildren

Valeria Solo, founder and designer of VSolochildren, has a multicultural approach to design. She’s an Indian-born Australian mom who lived in Shanghai, India, Singapore, US and now Australia. Her tailoring…

Valeria Solo, founder and designer of VSolochildren, has a multicultural approach to design. She’s an Indian-born Australian mom who lived in Shanghai, India, Singapore, US and now Australia. Her tailoring is inspired by classic European children’s wear, but she gives it a playful, Asian-inspired twist. The difference is in the details. As a mom, Valeria understands what many parents and kids are looking for: clothes that are timeless but playful. Stylish but comfortable. Fine fabrics at affordable prices.

VSolochildren was born when Valeria was scouring the children’s shops and realized how hard it is to find clothes that are original, reasonably priced and crafted with care. Since that’s the winning combination every parent is looking for, Valeria wondered why it was so hard to find. That’s when she resolved to launch her own clothing design studio for children ages 1-14.

VSolochildren designs are affordable, and that’s part of the brands mission. Valeria spent almost three years visiting suppliers throughout Asia to find the finest fabrics at the best prices. Because as much as everyone wants adorable outfits for their little ones, they outgrow them just as quickly.

What is your creative background/qualifications?

I do not have a technical/professional creative background, I hold and MBA, Master of Business Administration, UTS, University of Technology, (Sydney 2015), my past experiences were in the fields of Finance/Accounting. I have always been a big fan of timeless, practical, well-made, affordable and playful clothing pieces. These are my key drivers to pursuing my passion in creating unique children's clothing pieces.

Is the business your sole income, or do you juggle multiple jobs whilst starting out?

We just moved back to Australia, at this stage, this business is my only occupation.

Tell us about your brand name, how did this come about?

VSolochildren - My initial and family name.

People often guess my country of birth incorrectly, I was born in a tiny state in the north east part of India called Mizoram. The brand name represents the truly wonderful birth place that reflects our unique pieces.

What products or services are included within your range?

Clothing for Children 1-14yr and in the process of getting shoes/sandals range too.

What inspires you creatively?

Timelessness, affordability, uniqueness, originality and most importantly practicality for everyday/ occasion wear.

Do you work from home, an office or creative workspace?

Yes, home.

Do you implement any sustainable practices within your company, if so tell us about this?

Keeping in mind the sensitive nature of children's skin, we are very selective about the quality of fabrics used and the processes involved in crafting our pieces. Our high-quality cottons, linens, cashmeres are soft and easy to wear. We vastly use hand painted/vegetable dyes for our prints. All our pieces are made with fine and natural fabrics like linen, cotton, silk and cashmere. Our aim is to continually meet our niche market's demand and want rather than focusing on big picture and also to continually get feedback from our customers how our timeless yet playful, superior quality yet affordable, comfortable yet chic pieces last younger siblings and how unique they feel in it.

Connect with VSolochildren and shop online, here.


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Stall Profile :: Bam Loves Boo

This week we introduce you to Hannah Holmes, founder and creative behind children’s label Bam Loves Boo. TVM: How did your journey into running your own business begin? BLB: Prior…

This week we introduce you to Hannah Holmes, founder and creative behind children's label Bam Loves Boo.

TVM: How did your journey into running your own business begin?

BLB: Prior to starting Bam Loves Boo, I was a ladies and children's wear designer in the surf-wear industry on the Gold Coast and had been a clothing designer for over 10 years.

When I started a family and went on maternity leave I felt I needed that creative outlet, so I turned my focus to starting my own babies-wear brand.

The flexibility and lifestyle that has come along with it has meant that instead of returning to work I have been fortunate enough to stay at home with my daughter and work from home.

When did you take the plunge and start your own business?

I started my business in January 2017 but it wasn't until November that year that I launched my website and clothing. It was when sister came to visit that it really started, until then it had just all been in my head but then it was once I started saying it out loud and had someone to bounce-off and ask questions, that it started to put the wheels in motion.

What does your brand consist of?

Bam Loves Boo is a babies and children's clothing range with clean and neutral colour palettes, coordinating prints and unisex pieces.

All Bam Loves Boo clothing is made from a unique fabrication, a perfect blend of bamboo and certified organic cottons, which means they are beautifully soft, stretchy and breathable for comfortable wear and play. It also means that they are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

We are all about making beautiful clothing that you love, for the little people you love, in an eco-friendly and socially responsible way.

Where is the label designed and made?

Bam Loves Boo is designed by myself at my home in Brisbane, I design all the prints, garments and colours myself and then the fabric is woven specifically for us to our required blend and weight instead of off the roll. This is then dyed using eco-friendly dyes, to my chosen colours.

Bam Loves Boo is made in southern China with my fantastic manufacturer that I have known for over ten years, visited and built an amazing friendship with. This year I will be going over to stay with her family and see our pieces made first hand – and she just told me she is pregnant, so now I am even more excited to go and meet her own mini muse.

What inspires you?

It is very cliche by ultimately my daughter inspires a lot of my designs, as I learn as a mother from her what I look for in babies clothing. For example, we didn't find out her gender during pregnancy, which really helped to shape my brand to be entirely gender neutral. Then when she arrived, the priority was that it had to first be soft and comfortable but stretchy and easy to wear and put on and off.

I decided early on that my formula would be one colour repeat-patterns as well as each one being unisex and timeless. Although it can be limiting, I find having a formula really helps to keep me focused and make it cohesive.

What are your plans for the brand and where do you hope it takes you?

Ultimately I hope it means I can stay at home working on Bam Loves Boo to allow me to be around my family in the early years. I have really enjoyed doing some fantastic collaborations with other local brands, where we have worked together on new products. I would really like to continue with this path.

What were the biggest challenges when launching your brand?

Definitely the ethical and eco-friendly side was most challenging and still is really. Sadly, its not an easy area to navigate, it’s cheaper and easier not to be environmentally conscious, so I felt like I was really having to go against the grain in all areas to tick all the boxes I was after.

It was very challenging to ensure my ethical standards and needs were met and also to ensure these claims were backed with certifications.

What is the best thing about having your own business?

The freedom to work from home around my daughter and the friendships I made this past year through Instagram - it’s a pretty great community to be a part of.

Find Hannah at TVM Stones Corner this Sunday 31 March and if you cannot make it to TVM, you can connect with Bam Loves Boo online:

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