Time to kick off your small business in 2022!

Jan 24, 2022 | How to

It's a new year and that means new possibilities, time to start that business you've been dreaming about for years but have perhaps been holding back - name a better time to give life a big old nudge? You deserve this!

If you're looking to launch a business this year, we'd love to come along for the ride.

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Then once you have everything ready to go, we would absolutely love you to apply for a market stall at our award winning boutique The Village Markets events and even join us online, via our Virtual Village. A Market Membership gives you both an online listing and market perks including stall fee discounts and much more!

We thought we would kick off the year with a few marketing tips for brand new startups, after-all TVM itself is a startup which was founded by two local gals who saw a gap in the market (pardon the pun) for a boutique fashion and lifestyle event on the Gold Coast....We also wanted to shop the products and brands we were looking for ourselves - after all, if you don't find what you're looking for, you create it yourself right?

Here's a little marketing checklist for new creative startups:

  1. Define your audience - Who are you designing your product/service for? Who is your tribe? Know your customer!

2. Content content content - Start simple and create your online presence. Keep your content regular.

3. Stay up to date with social trends and now that you know who your audience is - you know where to best find them!

4. Gather a database - an email address is one of the most effective ways to market, so capture them whenever you can!

5. Imagery - have a unique point of difference and stand out. Why not collaborate with other likeminded or local brands too?

6. Create a brand guide and stick to it!

7. A heart-fuelled business works best.

Read more about TVM co-founders Sarah Schoeller and Marissa Bowden, here. And check out their episode of MyWay, here.

TVM co-founders Sarah Schoeller & Marissa Bowden
Photo by Kirra Smith