Tunes by Dan Acfield this Sunday at TVM

Jun 23, 2015 | Live Music, Tunes at TVM, TVM Paradise Point

Enjoy live tunes by uber talented solo artist Dan Acfield this Sunday at TVM Paradise Point from 8am until 1pm.

This guy's bio is seriously impressive and we're really hanging out to eat, shop and hang to his tunes this Sunday morning!

TVM | Sunday 28th June | 8am - 1pm | Paradise Point Park, Cnr The Esplanade & Ephraim Island Pde, Paradise Point

dan acfield

BIO | Dan Acfield

I come from a long line of musicians. Seriously! My grandfather was a bass player for the Channel 9 Orchestra in Adelaide. His Grandfather played double bass for the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and somewhere in there was a guy who wrote hymns in New York as well. So music is in my blood - as well as my sister Hannah's; incidentally, we've been teaming up since 2012 and go by 'The Acfields'. Together, we have a number of tours and releases under our belts, including our EP 'Turning a Page' (2012) and our self-titled full-length album (2014). Noel Mengel (Courier Mail) commended our album and labelled our sound as "distinctive", which I'm almost 100% sure was a good thing. So there's that.

I didn't always team up with my sister, though. In fact, since we both live in different cities (I live in Brisbane, Hannah in Melbourne), we still have our separate projects even today. But once upon a time I was a humble nine year old penning the song "That Bear Will Not Scare Me" and the chance of me compromising such prodigal talent was remote. So I kept writing and playing and eventually, I ended up in Brisbane studying music at TAFE and then at Uni. I formed a band called 'Dear April' and from 2007 to 2010 we gigged around Brisbane and released two EPs. Our greatest successes ironically came not long after we split; a song that I wrote for Dear April called 'Red, Yellow and Blue' was acclaimed by Alex Dyson (Triple J) to be "one excellent tune" and then received highly commended in the QSong competition (now Queensland Music Awards). Rage also made the Red, Yellow and Blue film clip their Indie Clip of the Week!

Determined to establish myself as a solo artist, I next released my solo EP 'Thick Skin' and started to earn my bootstraps by touring Australia, as well as the UK for the first time. Upon returning from overseas, the Dan and Hannah Acfield partnership became an obvious progression and we haven't really looked back since. We've done about half a dozen national tours together now, have received airplay on radio all over the country, including Triple J, ABC (Local and National) and of course, from the many amazing Community Radio stations around Australia. We've played with reputable acts such as Joan Armatrading, Vika & Linda Bull and Josh Pyke. I could further name drop with acts I've supported (ahem, Hungry Kids of Hungary, Diana Anaid, The Trouble With Templeton), but I won't.

Of course, my musical projects aren't all about The Acfields. I'm a versatile musician and regularly gig around Brisbane when I'm not on tour with Hannah. If you're lucky you might catch me in solo mode, which generally features more pedals and plays homage to my more rock-pop roots.