Tunes at TVM

Sep 15, 2014 | Tunes at TVM, TVM Burleigh Heads

Enjoy Tunes at TVM this Sunday by The Heart Collectors (9am - 11am) & Lily Budiasa (11am - 12:30pm).

The Heart Collectors

Northern Rivers acoustic folk group The Heart Collectors, are as unique as they come... Their music and lyrics inspire a return to innocence, integrity and all that is good in the world. They released their debut album 'Sangrael' late in 2013 and have recently returned from a tour of the USA. Look out for this band as they begin to infiltrate venues up and down the East Coast of Australia.

We're looking forward to welcoming these guys to TVM for the first time, this Sunday!


Lily Budiasa

With her haunting earthy vocals and a guitar in hand, Lily Budiasa creates a canvas for her audience. Painting a picture with her honest storyteller lyrics, she captures you with a unique alternate style, humble attitude and beautifully written guitar melodies. Her infatuation with music is nothing new - from the age of four it was evident she was in love and music was already drawing her in. Playing pots and pans for drums, singing along to MTV and having a room full of percussion instruments, a guitar and a karaoke machine, time would tell if this little love affair would last and once you hear her voice you’ll be thankful it did.