Tunes at TVM this Sunday

Dec 16, 2014 | Tunes at TVM, TVM Burleigh Heads

Tunes at TVM this Sunday 21 December at Burleigh Heads State School are courtesy of Kirra Huddy (Just Kirra) and Lily Budiasa.

9am - 11am - Kirra Huddy

11am - 1pm - Lily Budiasa


Kirra Huddy - Just Kirra

'Although I started learning jazz and blues guitar from a young age, since then it’s pretty safe to say I’ve been widely influenced. After sailing the world and globe trekking over the last few years or so, I’ve been reminded of just how music is the supreme gift of universal language that unites us all. Now that I’m back grounded on the Golden Coast… I’ve been kickin around bustin out gigs and bringing some smooooooth soul / jazz / funk / blues / whatever-you-want-to-call-them melodies.

just kirra tunes are expression of my and awe of the nature around us in this wide ol’ world… and the inspirational people who cross our paths on our journeys. My aim is to spread the chillax – sharing with audiences and soaking up some soulful, acoustic, mellowed out vibes.' Kirra.

lily budiasa

Lily Budasa

With her haunting earthy vocals and a guitar in hand, Lily Budiasa creates a canvas for her audience. Painting a picture with her honest storyteller lyrics, she captures you with a unique alternate style, humble attitude and beautifully written guitar melodies.

Her infatuation with music is nothing new – from the age of four it was evident she was in love and music was already drawing her in. Playing pots and pans for drums, singing along to MTV and having a room full of percussion instruments, a guitar and a karaoke machine, time would tell if this little love affair would last and once you hear her voice you’ll be thankful it did.