TVM Designer Profile: Drowning In Decadence

Apr 24, 2012 | Designer Profile

Introducing the gorgeous Megan Saurbier, from Drowning In Decadence.

Megan is a TVM favourite and has been at every market day since our inception in October 2008 (in fact she has probably only missed a handful of events including the birth of both of her beautiful babies!). She is lovely both inside and out and boasts a collection of vintage and vintage inspired pieces to make you swoon.

Tell us about Drowning In Decadence and what we can expect to discover:?

Drowning In Decadence is a special place for me where I can share my love of vintage clothing, so I want DID to be a fun, enjoyable shopping experience for customers. I also want DID to be a place where I can meet like minded people so we can celebrate the same passion, and that of course is vintage fashion.

DID is filled to the brim with retro, vintage and vintage inspired dresses, and of course other gems I may find along the way!

How and when did DID begin:

I lived overseas for a few years, including London, there were so many amazing vintage shops and markets I wish I could have fitted everything in my backpack! When I returned home I started collecting some really gorgeous retro and vintage pieces and started selling them at The Village Markets when they very first began (YAY). I had such wonderful feedback and it was so much fun, so I just kept on at it and before I knew it, it has become what it after many hours of hunting and sourcing from locally to all over the globe!

What is your creative background:

Im not sure I'd call myself a creative person. I think I'm more of an appreciator of others creations!

Where is DID designed and made:

DID vintage inspired dresses are currently being made in Thailand. Retro and vintage dresses and clothing are from all over, America, Europe, Asia.

What inspires you:

My kids inspire me daily. If I wasn't at home with my babies everyday then I wouldn't have had the chance to make DID into what it has become. I'm inspired by styles that have character! A little bit of quirkiness even! Even though I'm a bit of a hippy style lover at heart, there is just something that draws me to vintage dresses!

Latest collection consists of:

My latest collection consists of 60's inspired dresses, funky retro prints, floral patterns with lace collars. Also long sleeve dresses- perfect for tights and boots for winter!

What's on your mood board:

My little family, they make me smile! Also pictures and photos of some projects Greg and I have been working on and hopefully will soon be working on...can't give away any hints just yet ; )

What’s your creative space like:

I try to have my own creative corner but it's very quickly buried underneath a tonne of toys.

What do you listen to while getting crafty:

I love a little bit of Van Morrison, Nina Simone and Joni Mitchell whilst getting crafty!

A day in the life of you consists of:

A day in the life of me...At 4am I wake to a little person climbing into our bed, so when I do wake up properly I enjoy some pretty nice snuggles! Im still feeding Mabel, so I have a lot of time feeding her and trying to read Jarvis books at the same time. In the mornings I try and spend time with the kiddies. We do a lot of morning trips during the week to Brunswick Heads or Byron for a play and a coffee. The babes sleep for a good chunk in the middle of the day so this is when I try to power on with my dresses! Photos, measurements, postage, sourcing new stock, replying to emails etc. The kids sleep flies on by way too quickly and I realise I haven't done any house work! Oops!

Afternoon consists of more playing, then getting dinner ready for when Greg returns home from work. We always sit at the table for dinner, it's a lovely tradition to pass down to your kids I think, plus its a nice way to all communicate and share each others days. Followed quickly by bathtime for the kids. This is when I put up new stock on DID's Facebook page, so between getting the kids to bed and replying to customers questions etc its a very busy time of the day!

You can follow Megan's daily life through her beautiful images over on her blog, here. 

Favourite TVM stall (besides yours of course):

I must say I can not choose one! I don't even let myself walk around at TVM as I will spend all my money! Honestly there are some really amazing stalls, it's really hard to pick a fav!

Favourite reads/blogs:

I love, love, love bleubird vintage blog. I feel like I can relate to it in many ways, I think it's nice to feel a connection when following one's blog. This blog inspires me alot and gives me lots of ideas for projects etc.

What new pieces are you sourcing at the moment and what can we expect from DID in the future:

At the moment I am trying to source some winter goodness. Even though vintage dresses worn with tights and boots is one of my fav winter looks!

Shop Drowning In Decadence at TVM and also, here.

Images courtesy of Drowning In Decadence, TVM, bleubird vintage.