TVM Gold Coast Guide: Madam Tojos

Jan 8, 2014 | Eat, TVM Gold Coast Guide

Welcome to the Wild Side.

Amid the hustle and bustle of one of the gc’s up and coming trendy haunts, is madam tojo’s. A firm favourite with some of coasts top chefs and food editors, madam tojo’s is described as eclectic; which can equally sum up the decor of the cafe. Which includes suitcases piled high, a grand piano, bird cages, plastic babies and roses hanging from the ceiling; just to name a few.


Mix of memorabilia.

Antoinette edmunds aka. madam tojo (queen of the palace) is forever getting about in peculiar outfits, o.t.t makeup and wacky headdresses: reason enough to pay a visit to one of my favourite eateries.

Funky food.

Located in chirn park, this restaurant come wine emporium is without a doubt the best way to spend a lazy sunday afternoon with a double shot late and a tasty treat. or, if you will; stop by for friday night tapas where you will sample music from around the world, scoff exotic treats and get amongst the coasts arty crowd.

Madame Tojos

madam tojo's
25 musgrave ave. labrador
open tuesday - sunday. 8ish - 5ish
friday. whenever (bookings essential)
p. 07 55 322 874

Post contributed by Jamee Doherty