TVM Startup Stall :: Pass Around The Smile

Nov 12, 2019 | Stall Profile, TVM Startup Stall

This weeks TVM Startup Stall recipient is Cleo Massey of Pass Around the Smile, read more about her journey below and find her very first stall at TVM this Sunday 17 November.

As an actor in the film and TV industry, Cleo Massey had experienced negativity, cyber bullying and rejection. She craved guidance and an injection of positivity in her life and was unable to find it in the online or via social media.

In 2015, she started a blog called Pass Around the Smile - to literally do just that!

Almost 5 years later, the blog has had 35,000 reads and has expanded into events and courses on the Gold Coast.

In January this year, Cleo decided that after years of using 'angel cards,' for guidance and positivity, she would design her own deck.

Ten months later and this dream has become a reality, introducing - Pass Around the Smile's, Positive Guidance Cards! These cards are hand drawn by local artist, Samantha Smith, and written by Cleo Massey.

What an incredible and uplifting story of turning a negative into a positive, congratulations! Tell us about your beautiful new cards, Cleo?

My goal when I started Pass Around the Smile was to inspire and encourage people to realise their full power and potential and this hasn't changed! Five years later, I'm trying to spread this message even further, with my cards and 12 new downloadable guided meditations on! I can't wait to have people feeling relaxed, guided, inspired and positive!

You’re an actress-turned entrepreneur, tell us about your creative journey?

I've been in actor in the Film and TV Industry since I landed my first big role on H20 Just Add Water.

I learnt so much being on set for four years and went on to study music and graduated with a Diploma. I felt so free with these creative outlets!

Acting, singing and playing guitar helped me feel positive and relaxed. For the last few years, I lived between LA and the Gold Coast, I studied at Groundlings and graduated their Improv course and began writing for Film and TV.

How do you juggle acting with your business?

I have a few side hustles! I get gigs every now and then on different TV and Film productions as an actor.

I'm currently co-writing my Mum's series, Stage Mums, which has been picked up by Network Ten and I work as an actor for the medical students at Griffith and Bond University!

I also do regular social media work as well as running Pass Around the Smile and everything that comes with it! What is sleep anyway?!

We all know coming up with a business name is a tricky task, how did you decide on Pass Around The Smile?

I sat for hours typing names into Google and all of them were already taken! I then thought, let's keep it simple? What do I want to spread? Smiles! Then it came to me - pass them around, Pass Around the Smile.

Tell us about the products offered?

My Positive Guidance Card Deck, this includes a beautiful hand drawn box, 42 different hand drawn cards and a guide booklet. These are written by myself, and illustrated by local artist, Samantha Smith.

At TVM I will be giving out readings, which is something I absolutely love doing!

On my website I sell four different meditation albums with 3 different meditations on each! Each meditation is written and guided by myself, over calming music and sounds.

I will also be offering prints of a few of my favourite cards!

What inspires you creatively?

People who do what they love, because they love it! Seeing people happy inspires me to work hard and get creative. Also being by the ocean inspires me.

Do you collaborate with any other local Gold Coast businesses?

I love to support local businesses. I held my first two events at Drift Trading Co, and have previously collaborated with The Luxe Social, Bloom Jar, KX Pilates, Limber Therapies and Hand Coffee.

Why did you choose TVM as a platform for your business?

I absolutely love the vibe at TVM. It's friendly, fun and energetic! I think the crowd will really resonate with my products.

Where’s your favourite local coffee haunt?

HAND Coffee at Broadbeach for sure!

Favourite book?

Super Attractor or the Secret!

Favourite podcasts?

Oprah's Soul Sessions

Favourite way to unwind?

Walks on the beach and meditation!

Websites or profiles you love for business inspiration right now?

Pip and Beau - So much good business tips and tricks.

What’s your favourite TVM stall, if you have one?

Drift Trading Co.

Connect with Cleo at TVM this Sunday 17 November or on Instagram, here.