TVM Startup Stall :: The Sleep Suite

Oct 10, 2017 | Designer Profile, TVM Startup Stall

Fresh new creative talent to hit TVM this Sunday and winner of our TVM Startup Stall initiative for this week is, Amy Parr and her label The Sleep Suite.

"The Sleep Suite was created in July 2017 after my partner and I finally decided to bite the bullet and follow through with our idea - and once we did, it happened really quickly! I was really over buying or receiving expensive sleepwear that didn't fit me properly, and was not eco-friendly or ethical. In the beginning, it was a small dream I didn’t think would ever come to fruition. I started researching fabric suppliers that fit in with our beliefs and before we knew it, our island holiday turned into a business deal and we had officially made our first line! We created our items with the aim of being able to wear them from the bedroom to the beach, thereby minimising at least 1 extra item of clothing people bought and creating change in the ‘fast fashion’ industry.

What pieces are included within the debut collection?

We feature sleepwear and beachwear made from beautiful, natural fabrics such as linen and cotton. At the moment we have menswear and ladieswear that can be worn as sets or separates.

What is your creative background?

I would like to say I have a large creative background, but I don’t! Nathan is quite the creative guy, but after I took an interest in fashion, the extent of my background is buying a sewing machine this year and researching how to make sleepwear! I could never draw, but I like to think my creativity extends into the design process.

Where is the label designed and made?

Our items are designed here on the Gold Coast and then our ideas are taken to our awesome little tailor in Indonesia and brought to life with their help. Without them our items would only be ideas.

What inspires you?

Our amazing backyard: The Gold Coast. But also anything island vibin' and natural.

However a big inspiration is our aim to create change in the world and inform people there’s more to fashion then buying cheap throw away items. I’m motivated by helping people with their purpose on life and giving back to the lives of others. I really want to help create transparency in the fashion industry as well as give people quality items that are made with love and worn with love.

Latest collection consists of?

Think uber cool linens and cottons in natural colours and stripes. We have also teamed up with an Australian company to develop plain organic tees with unique screenprinting to bring relaxed summer vibes to life.

What's on your mood board?

My mood board consists of good food, health posts, natural fibres, fabrics, island inspiration, quotes and anything that fires me up at that point in time.

What’s your creative space like?

My creative space is my uni workspace that I have transformed into my sewing space. Here I have my workbooks, fabrics, crystals and candles. I don’t like to be confined to one space, so I take my laptop to my favourite coffee shop down the road and zen out with a coffee.

What music do you listen to while designing/creating?

This varies a lot! Depending how I am feeling and what I am creating, I listen to anything from Northlane and Parkway Drive to INXS to pop music.

A day in the life of you consists of?

At the moment no two days are the same. As I’m a nurse, I usually get up early, grab a soul warming coffee from Frankie Espresso, then go to my nursing job for the day. Afterwards, I head to the gym before heading home and cooking up a hearty dinner. On my days off you will find me enjoying the sunrise followed by coffee and then full days of researching and designing for The Sleep Suite.

Favourite TVM stall (besides yours of course)?

I LOVE all the food stalls, especially Mio Wraps because let's face it, who doesn't love food?! But I always love peeking my head into the latest fashion and jewellery stalls such as Annette Daley Designs, Frankly My Dear and Akazi.

Favourite reads/blogs?

So many books! I absolutely love Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts and Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso.

I’m also really into Collective Hub and Peppermint Mag as they have great reads on entrepreneurs and small startup businesses.

What are we likely to find you wearing on market day?

Something super comfortable and breezy. I do like to support local businesses so it could be overalls or a dress from The Bare Road.

Any favourite labels?

I love The Bare Road, Kivari The Label and Faithfull the Brand.

What can we expect from the next collection/what are your plans for 2017 and beyond?

I am planning on joining forces with designers to create unique, sustainable pieces whereby a portion of sales will be dedicated to charity and communities that are affected by UNfair and unethical trade. We aim to travel to various countries and source unique fabrics for individualized items that people can design themselves, all while supporting workers who get forgotten and underpaid.

As for our next collection, we are planning on creating light, earthy slips and sleepwear combos that suit the GC climate and are made from organic silks, cottons and natural dyes. Keep those eyes peeled!

Why TVM?

I love the ethics and values of TVM. I think it’s an incredibly valuable community where people appreciate your work. It’s also the best place to network and find out what people actually want!

Connect with The Sleep Suite on Instagram and check out the wares on Sunday 15 October at TVM!