TVM Stones Corner Preview :: 23 December ’18

Dec 17, 2018 | TVM Preview

The final TVM for 2018 is here! Join us this Sunday 23 December for our first ever Brisbane event at Stones Corner. We're lining the street with boutique market stalls, street food, live tunes and creative workshops, plus the street is filled with eateries, boutiques and charming businesses to explore.

Stalls include Akazi, Alton Goods, Aneara, Attic Collective, bam Loves Boo, Bonita Havana, BRIWOK, Caz Creations, Chinkara, DEGOEY PLANET, DESERT WANDERER, Drift Trading Co, Dust, Earth and Sage, Eco Sister, Flea Fibre Art, Flow Yoga Wear, Frankly My Dear, Frocktail Party, Grotti Lotti, Halo and Horns, Hello Lola, I AM IMPERIAL, inBLACK the Label, Isola Swim, JbK designs, Kiki J Designs, Lava Living, Lewd, Life In The Tropics Collective, Little Leas, Lokoa, Lotus and Luxe Jewellery, Manning Made, Melon & Goliath, Moni The Label, Nicotte, Night Tiger, NIKKE HORRIGAN, Olas Supply Co., One Fable, Prospere, Rustic Peppermint, SAHARA BLUE CO., Sayulitaswim, Seamone, Smith and Ink, Son + Moon, Soul Quartz, Stonehouse Music Supply, TFPR&Co., THE BLONDE REPUBLIC, the Bondi Alchemist, The Elements Co., The Lobster Shanty, The Pup Club, Tracey Moakes Photography, Tulasii, Two Brides Presents, VILLA GAIA, Wanderers Co, WILD HEART, Zeffa and Fosse, Zoozap Eyewear, Wild Willow and more.

Plus grab your street eats from Little Wahaca, The Wiener Haus and Iced Tea Co.

Live tunes by Jackson James Smith (10am - 11:30am) and Jerome Williams (12noon - 2pm).

Activities include:

Pickup a Good Vibes shirt or tote from the TVM Information tent and make sure you tag your pics so we can see them: @thevillagemarkets #thevillagemarkets #TVMStonesCorner

TVM Stones Corner | Sunday 23 December 2018 | 10am - 2pm | Logan Road, Stones Corner