Women of TVM :: Codey White

Mar 15, 2021 | Designer Profile, Stall Profile

In celebration of the wonderful women in our TVM community, we sat down with Codey of Codey White Art to learn more about her brand and her story.

How was Codey White Art born?

Since I can remember, I have always had a passion for creating, whether it be painting, drawing, sewing, or sculpting with clay. I can remember every day after school and on weekends my Nan would be teaching me how to make patterns to sew clothes, how to mix paints to create certain colours or techniques to shape and manipulate clay. Though Codey White Art was not established until 2019, I believe it was born at a very young age. 

What was the catalyst for the creation of your small creative business?

Much of my inspiration has come from my childhood, growing up in the back of Bonogin on acreage. I have fond memories of the sun setting over the mountains, the fog which swamped the streets on crisp mornings, fresh flowers from the garden sitting in the middle of the dining table, the vast palm trees running down either side of the driveway and the warm earthy tones in the dirt beneath my feet. These are the memories I recreate in my artworks. I plan to adventure around Australia with my best friend, where I am sure to uncover inspiration from our beautiful country.    

How important is it for women to lift each other up? 

Focusing on empowering other women rather than competing makes us stronger, individually and collectively. We all face our own individual challenges and having support and encouragement from other women makes it that little bit easier to come out the other side.  The energy you attract from uplifting each other is infectious.  

The 2021 IWD Campaign theme is #ChooseToChallenge - what’s something you’re going to challenge over the next year?  

*Raises Hand* Confident women have not always been celebrated and I choose to challenge that this year. Celebrating each other’s achievements builds self-confidence, self-belief, and women empowerment.  We don’t need to be quiet about our accomplishments, we are champions of each other. The future of women in support of each other is infectious energy, daring leaders and all kinds of innovation and beauty.