Women of TVM :: IWD ’22

Mar 9, 2022 | Lifestyle Feature, Women in Business

Everyday we celebrate and champion the women in our community. They are passionate, creative, brave, strong, fierce, supportive, heart filled and they are small business owners, mothers, partners, survivors, friends, dreamers and doers.

This week to coincide with International Women's Day, we wanted to introduce you to a few of the wonderful women that are part of our TVM tribe.


Who are some of the women you look up to? 

"First of all, any mothers out there that have started businesses, you are AMAZING. 

I cannot express how many obstacles women face when it comes to balancing raising children alongside starting a business. 

Whether it be a side hustle or a full blown business, it is hard. So I have a lot of respect for mothers that take on that challenge - whether they struggle or not. 

Shoutout to LOTUS & LUXE JEWELLERY - Shannon is a selfless woman that has helped me in a lot of ways, I absolutely admire her."


Sarah, The Village Markets

What is your goal as a woman in business?

"My goal as a woman in business is to create a supportive community for other business owners by creating retail and collaborative opportunities for growth and exposure.

Doing business with heart."


Shannon, Lotus and Luxe Jewellery

What does being a woman in business mean to you? 

To me being a women in business means living on my own terms. It’s the freedom to pursue my own definition of success, which for me encompasses my passion to create, an ability to choose my work hours, the capacity to work from home while bringing up my two children, and the fulfillment of creating jewellery for women to feel feminine and unique. 

We all have a different set of circumstances that represents our ideal life, and my business (and my amazing customers) have helped me carve the ideal path for me. I’m super grateful for that. 


What does being a female owned business mean to you?

I want to lead by example and hopefully inspire others (including my daughters) to know they can create a life on their own terms and most importantly - to always do it with integrity and soul!


Radhi, I Am Pylgrym

What does being a female owned business mean to you and what is your goal?

"I began my creative and entrepreneurial journey a year after healing endometrial cancer.  

I used yoga as one of my primary tools for being well, and showing up in the world exactly as I am. It gave me a mindset to “honour where you are, and consciously move towards where you want to go.” 

We often think success is built on luck or it just happens over night. It might be the case for some individuals however for most of us, the reality is it takes conscious intent, effort, patience and learning from mistakes (big and small).

Starting my business gave me a platform to give back to women through an offering of fashion, weaving in conscious mindfulness and wellness.

My goal is to inspire women and help them move through their blocks (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual) to harness their own creative potential. It also helps to dress fabulously along the way.

I look up to so many women who are honest in their struggles, honour who they are, and share their spark with others. 

I admire female entrepreneurs and designers like Sarah Blakely, Spell, Camilla, and many more I meet along the way. 

I have admired and learnt a lot from the jewellery designer Susan Peacock who is based on the Gold Coast. She continues to be a solid mentor and friend and inspires me in her creative genius and spiritual depth."