Women of TVM :: Jodie Sandmayr

May 20, 2021 | Designer Profile, Designers, Stall Profile, Women in Business

Jodie Sandmayr - Founder of Tegan Rae

How was Tegan Rae born? 

For 5 years, I worked for a high foot traffic, multi-million dollar clothing label. It taught me a lot about the industry. The two biggest learns: understanding fast fashion and the high pressure sales environment. Over time, that whole environment was too much and didn’t represent who I wanted to be, so I quit. 
Not long afterwards, I was approached to work at a boutique retail design studio. There, I was surrounded and inspired by supportive, entrepreneurial women - staff and clientele. 
These two experiences not only planted the seeds, but gave me the push to create Tegan Rae.  
Tegan Rae was born on the idea of a capsule wardrobe, manufactured sustainably. This means taking the slower approach. Gratifying the art of hand work with smaller, more purposeful collections. 

What initially inspired you to start creating your range and further create your business? 

My inspiration came from vacationing on the Australian coastlines and warm weather dreaming. My first collection, Womankind, is the embodiment of simplicity, powerfully feminine and beautifully hand-tailored. 

I design forever pieces. Pieces you wear on repeat because of the feeling you get when you wear them. To not be overwhelmed by large wardrobes and feel like you have nothing to wear. I want to help women feel free, decisive, relaxed, confident, feminine and sexy. 
If you could only choose 10 pieces of clothing from your wardrobe to wear during the warmer seasons, from day to night, what would they be? 

How important is it for women to lift each other up and what does that mean to you?  

I never felt pure upliftment until given the opportunity to work within a fast growing small business called CLO Studios. Being surrounded by creative women and working as a team daily, really showed me what it meant to be a part of a business aligned with the owners values. 
My former boss babe, entrepreneur, go getter, idol woman - Chloe Tozer (founder of CLO Studio) is someone who has never stopped uplifting not only myself, but everyone in her presence. Chloe has always been there for me from day 1. Tegan Rae would not exist if this chapter of my life didn’t happen. 
When working as a solo entrepreneur, you are alone in your ideas and thoughts daily. It can be  isolating and your own ideas feel like you’re in an echo chamber. Because of this, my goal is to surround myself with more like-minded women, where we bounce ideas and thoughts together and inspire each other. 
Everyday I see the movement of change, the movement of women, who empower themselves and others around them. It is truly gratifying. I ask “would you not want to be a part of something higher and help the women around you?” 

 The 2021 IWD Campaign theme was #ChooseToChallenge - what’s something you’re going to challenge over the next year?

Personally, I want to continue to challenge myself and step outside my comfort zone to grow a little more everyday. When I grow, my business grows too. 

When Tegan Rae was still an idea, I wanted to partner with a charity - I think it’s important to support people in need (and the planet too), so that we can all thrive. This year, I’m excited to partner with I=Change, where $1 from every sale will be directed to a carefully selected group of charities and projects. 
You can choose to support Kids With Cancer, Clean The Sea and Restore The Land. 
For more information visit our website at www.teganrae.com.au

You can follow Tegan Rae, here and find her at the next TVM event.